Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not Post Secret, but pretty darn fun

4x today. . . .hmm. . .could it be that I have no personal life? Or have I become addicted to not only blogging, but reading about everyone else's life too?

This is sort along the lines of post secret. . except instead of a secret you send in a list. Very cool. Very cool indeed. To Do List

And look. . my first week with the new blog and I've already broken every rule! I'm the anti-blogger I guess! ;-) How Not to Write a Blog And more rules that I am breaking. Rules of Blogging And even more. . . More Rules that I have broken. I am facinated that there are so many rules for something that is supposed to be so freeing. Hmm. . .does that mean that really deep down we all want rules even when we think we don't?

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