Friday, June 23, 2006

The Lion in the House

Cancer has affected my life because of the loss of my Mom. I have dealt with her loss in a constructive manner--volunteering for Angel on My Shoulder, a cancer support organization. When I saw PBS's A Lion In The House,I couldn't help but bawl like a baby. Even the most stoic person would be affected by this documentary. It was so tough watching my mom wither away, but I could never imagine what it must be like to go through that with your own children.


Ms. Mamma said...

So sorry, (((((Rachel))))). :( You're too young to be without a mom. What you do is inspiring and although I don't personally know you or your family, your mother would have been so incredibly proud of you.

I cannot fathom losing a child. My mother did. I think I would completely lose it. I would have no reason to go on.

Rachie-Babe said...

Awe thanks for the nice word. If you get a chance, watch that documentary. It is sad and hard to watch at times, but is very inspiring too.