Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Whole Nine Yards

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So there is all of Tom's. Yes, I'm obsessed. Ridculously obsessed. I mean, it's a freaking bar!!!!!

So what else is new in my neck of the woods (besides my weird obsession with the Tom's cafe)? Not too much. Left knee is acting all crazy again. Swollen. Not swollen. Swollen. Not swollen. Nothing in particular seems to trigger it. It just seems to happen. Of course, I am still convinced that this is my residual effect from Lyme disease. The rheumatologist begs to differ and my orthopedic surgeon agrees with me. The point--it's called practicing medicine for a reason. So this week I'm in a bit of pain and not getting around how a 28 year-old gal should, but over all I'm well.

Work is well. My clients are wonderful. Sometimes I get frustrated with their parents, but I have to step back and remember that I have NO idea how it must be in their situation. I can go home. I have rough moments in sessions and they can have rough days or weeks. I have the luxury of having the fun and then leaving and they do not. So--when I am frustrated I have to remember why parents may make the requests they do. They have the best interest of their child in mind and I am merely a person who can assist them in that journey.

As work continues to go better, I have begun thinking about private consulting and how long I need to be in the business I am in before I can branch out on my own. And then. . . . how do I branch out on my own? How do I get clients? What do I charge for services? Ugh--I need a mentor!

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