Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Come to Your Senses - National Sensory Awareness Week - October 25-31, 2006!

The first National Sensory Awareness Day in October of last year was a huge success! Now, let's build on that with a whole week of awareness.

Sensory Spotlight

Sensory Buddies, Unite!

Izzy McBusy, the official representative of National Sensory Awareness Week, knows what it's like to have sensory issues - she's a sensory kid, too! Izzy says, "Sometimes when we're out with our parents, shopping, traveling, or at a restaurant, movie, or party, we can get really overwhelmed and even uncooperative. Our moms, dads, friends, or relatives get some really weird looks when people don't understand how hard it is to avoid or control how we are feeling."

"Let's tell the world we are 'sensory kids.' Maybe people will 'get it' about what's going on in our world."

To learn more about how you can promote Sensory Awareness Week go to the Sensory Awareness Week website.
Sensory Resources

You'll find information about a special t-shirt, designed by Izzy, that helps promote sensory awareness; information that you can print out and pass out to doctors, therapists, teachers, and family members to help educate them about sensory issues; and much more!

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