Thursday, December 21, 2006

So I need a hobby. . . .

Okay-- well, yes, I know that it has been awhile since I have posted. I was told by the dbf (dear boyfriend), David, that I need a hobby. I guess engrossing myself in all things related to my field of work, going to the spa, shopping for COACH handbags, or doing the whole WW thing, are NOT a hobbies!!! Hardy har har har. All jokes aside, I think he's right. I spend a lot of time defining myself by my work and this REALLY should stop because, although I love my job very much and I am passionate about what I do, I need to take a break sometimes.

So. . . . . I have thought long and hard and I have decided to get a hedgehog. Not only will caring for this pet be a good source of stress relief, but careing for this cute little critter should be a good way to meet new people. ;-) I have contacted this breeder and I hope to get on their waiting list soon. It looks like I'll be waiting until about May to pick up my new little hedgie and until then I am reading all hedgehog related info and trying to gather my supplies.

So--watch for photos soon!

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