Monday, June 04, 2007

A personal favorite. . . .

I love post secret.


Uncivil said...

Hey Rachie
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Wow! Scorpions, and Hedgehogs. I would have loved to have a pet Scorpion back when I was a kid! I used to have pet snakes and spiders, back when I was in elementary school and Junior High.

I hung out with Dean Ripa, the owner of this site when we were kids back in the 60's.

But then I discovered girls, and I guess I just never recovered from it!LOL

I knew a gal that had hedgehogs about 10 years back. So, I actually got to hold one of those little buggers. They are so much more fragile than they look!

I was in Dean's Serpentarium a while back and he let me hold the head and upper body of one of his Ball Pythons that was nearly a 200 pound snake. That was wild!

Love the names you and your Beau picked for your Scorpions!


Rachie-Babe said...

Ohh--great website. I'm a big fan of snakes. I wish that David (the beau) would have opted for a snake. . .at least I could hold that! ;-) Can't wait for the hedgehog to arrive (very long waiting list. . . . . ). I'll be posting lots of photos. I've heard the same thing that you have said--very fragile animals. I've been told to expect lots of vet bills!!!