Monday, July 09, 2007

10 year class reunion

It's official. I am undetectable. I was unable to be located so that an invitation could be sent to me for my class reunion! A classmate's wife found me on Myspace and sent me a nice little note asking for my address so that she (a person, who has NO idea who I am), could get into the paws of the appropriate person, who also, probably don't know who I am! Okay, so I'm kidding there. I went to a VERY small school where I, think, most people grew up and moved away, so I'm not really too shocked that I was undetectable. I googled my name to find myself and found it was true. . . not too much going on in Rachael land. But---if you google my first and last name all mushed together--that is another story!

Here I am on
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Autumn's Mom said...

I'm so not into the class reunions. I like being undetectable :)

Rachie-Babe said...

I think I'm going to go to this one. . . .but I'm not sure yet!

Uncivil said...

I missed my 10 year reunion, but made it to the 20 & 30 year ones.
I'm starting to lean towards undetectable now!