Thursday, July 26, 2007

Week 1

S0, this was my first week being away from BBA. It has been FABULOUS! First off, I am home by 5pm. I haven't been home, let alone done with work, by 5pm in a VERY long time. Second, I do not have to do work at home, which has been a real blessing! My class has had VERY low numbers (I had 4 at the most this week), so I have been able to really get to know the kids and give them individual attention. It has been helpful also that I am able to spend a lot of time focusing on learning specific Headstart policies and procedures (there are MANY). I have also been spending some time really trying to learn the curriculum that I will use at Headstart, Creative Curriculum. I've had time to actually meet with some friends this week and cook dinner!!!!! I am missing some of my old team members and I hope that we will REALLY stay in contact. I also am wondering how my old clients are doing this week. Finally, I've been able to get to know and enjoy time with my new Hedgehog, Cringer.

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