Sunday, November 25, 2007

30 lbs and sticking. . . .


I'm officially stuck at that 31 lbs mark. So. . . .I'm doing some reading on some other blogs so for some ideas to change things up. Or to at least feel like I'm not alone at being stuck. Or least feel like maybe someone out there knows how trying to get to the size of normal human being feels. Heaven knows that David doesn't. His sister doesn't. My dad doesn't. And now, I'll get off my ass and quit ranting. Any hoo--here are some blogs that are entertaining and useful. Some were mentioned in Women's Health, some are just random blogs that I read on occasion.

Back In Skinny Jeans
A very entertaining blog that deals with a gals quest to get back in her awesome skinny jeans. I have to same quest--although I don't own the piece of clothing that I quest to get into (e-mail me if you want to know!)
Cranky Fitness
A frank look at fitness. It's good stuff without the over the top perkiness. Lets face it, not all of us love working out. Most of us hate it. I say I like it because I think it will make me like it more.
Sister Skinny
I don't really have a commentary for this one. I just like it.
Lose the Buddha
It's fun, it's entertaining. It's fresh.
Candee's Weight Loss Journey
She's Candee and she's been at this for awhile. She shows me that persistence and life style change pay off.
Losing It! An Urban Mom's Weight Loss Blog
I had to put someone in here who's doing Weight Watchers, like me.


C said...

Oh, I totally hear ya, sista! I found that by switching things up, it gives you that jump to knock you off that plateau. I'm still working on things, but so far, so good :)

I have been doing a mix of Slim in 6, Turbo Jam, and Hip Hop Abs/Yoga Booty Ballet. I know, it sounds funny...but they're all really fun workouts and the fact that they're fun keeps me motivated.

I've also been measuring portion sizes and following Canada's Food Guide for healthy eating/living. It's HARD to be good.

PS. I am sending you something in the mail tomorrow so hopefully you'll get it by the end of the week or early next week at the latest :)

Rachie-Babe said...

:-) Thanks!!!! I heard that Yoga Booty Balley is FUN!!! I'm going to join a different gym and they have cardio salsa. . . . I'd love to try that~!!!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I agree with C--it's HARD to be good!

And thanks so much, Rachie-Babe, for mentioning Cranky Fitness!

Rachie-Babe said...

Thanks Crabby! I enjoy your blog--I had to mention it!!!

Uncivil said...

Thirty pounds is one hell of an accomplishment! I wish I could get there! I'm stuck at the 12 to 14 pound mark! I need to lose 20 or 30 more!
Way to go!!!!!!