Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Challenge

The Think Different Challenge is all about finding something in your life you currently have negative thoughts or feelings toward (eg work or your mother-in-law), and deciding to look at it differently. It is about realizing that some things are just a part of life, so we may as well try to find the positives in them.

The rules for this writing project are:

  1. Write a new blog post in which you “think different”. Follow my suggestions above, or be a bit different and interpret the challenge the way you want :) .
  2. State that the post is a part of the Think Different Challenge and include a link and/ or trackback to this post so that readers know the rules of the challenge. Feel free to use the above banner (inspired, of course, by Seth Godin).
  3. Include a link and/ or trackback to the blogger who tagged you.
  4. At the end of your post, go ahead and tag some fellow bloggers. Don’t forget to email them to let them know they have been tagged.
  5. That’s it! Just sit back and enjoy reading peoples’ responses to the challenge.

Okay--so I was NOT tagged for this little experiment. I found this on a blog called, I WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Here is what I'm choosing to think differently about: My complete and total lack of money at this point. I COULD think, "Oh crap! I'm broke again! Now I can't go out and have fun with David (who is also broke since he has to get 11,000--yes, you read correctly, worth of work done on his teeth)! I can't go out for coffee! I can't get to the spa and that sucks! Instead I'm going to think:
  • I can finish some of the books I have been wanting to read since I'm staying at home
  • I can experiment with some cooking
  • I can paint my nails
  • I can go for a walk
  • I can relax with my hunny
What are you going to think differently about?

I am tagging:
Ms Mamma


Uncivil said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll have to "think" about this for a while!LOL!!!!

I'm still recovering from the Christmas wine stunt:(

I can say one thing I'm thinking different about already.

Benazir Bhutto's assassination has me regretting all the hateful stuff I have directed at Mrs Hillary Rodham!
I need to be more loving and forgiving!

C said...

Oooooooh! Thanks for this! What a great idea!

P.S. Happy New Year!

Rachie-Babe said...

Uncivil--I look forward to seeing what you choose to think about! ;-) Benazir Bhutto's assassination has got me thinking too. She seemed like such a wonderful, caring person who wanted to do big things.

C--let me know when you post yours! I look forward to reading it!

Ms. Mamma said...

Rachel- You're so amazing. This is going to be really hard for me due to the mood I'm in. Tomorrow I'm unemployed and my dad and I fought today. I know there are bigger things to think about, but right now I feel really small. I hope you have a peaceful New Year. You know where to find me. XO

Anonymous said...

Can I just start this myself? I don't need to be tagged first do I - but I will link back to this post.
haven't done this tagging thing before but think this is a gret one to start the new year!


Rachie-Babe said...

Hi Gail! Yes, of course!!!! I can't wait to read yours!!!!!

C said...

Rachie, I love the approach you took for your Think Different(ly) Challenge! I went about mine slightly differently. I don't know if it works as well as yours does, but I did it anyway.

Happy New Year, Rachie! xo