Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What the hell is my problem?

Okay. . . . so I got my coveted black jack. Before anyone shakes a finger at me for spending too much money when I MUST pinch pennies, I bought a refurbished one at a 1/4 of the cost of a new one. ;-) So far I love it.

I haven't been able to sell my palm tx, so I took it to the e-bay store. The guy their will try and sell it for me and get me what I want for it. I guess everyone else is as broke as I am right now because no one seems to want to buy my awesome junk on IOFFER.

Anyhoo. . . on to the title of my post. I went to a job interview. I've been at my job a whole six months and I went to a job interview. I am the biggest, most aweful jerk in the world. Okay, now let me tell you what led me there so you can drop me a line and reassure me that, I am NOT a big jerk.

I often look at wi.jobnet. I'm not ever really looking for anything, I'm just interested in what's out there. Then, I see this position that I really wanted when I was looking for a new job 8 months ago. It's the sort of job that I had been coveting and would be a promotion, probably a raise, and less than a mile from my home (currently I drive to Stevens Point). I asked what the salary range was and they asked for my resume. So what do I do? Say, "No thanks! I have a job that I really like!?" No. . . . no. . . .no. I send them my resume. . .get a phone call. . and then go to the interview.

So. . . . . . what happens if they make me an offer??????


Uncivil said...

I say go for it if it's really the job you would rather have!

More money, less gas because it's closer to home........but most of all...... you just have to do what makes you happy!

Hathery said...

I took a new job after being with a job for 5 months before :) I left state employment to go to county employment...a lot of people would think I'm crazy to EVER leave a state job, so no--you're not awful!!!