Monday, August 25, 2008

Now. . look into my eyes!

I love StumbleUpon. Have you tried it? Anyway, while stumbling through several pages last night, I came across a few that I have to link to and blog about. So, here we go. . . . . . . .

  1. I'm just going to call this one, "The Spinning Thingy." It's delight for your eyes. . .or it will make you sick. Enjoy!
  2. Pass the ball--where you, surprise of all surprises, pass the ball. It's a good time waster.
  3. Who is on the Nickle? There's a striking resemblance to a "beloved" action hero!
  4. Do you dream of having your voice projected through Norway? If so, be sure to visit here.
  5. Some one, some where will be offended by this.
Well, it's obvious that there are, at least, six people out there who have way more time on their hands than I do!

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