Monday, November 07, 2011

Approximately 3 years ago today. . .

Wow--how things have changed over 3 years.   What a roller coaster the past few years have been.  I went from, I won't get married to I left-my-boyfriend-of-12-years-and-now-marrying-my-highschool-sweet-heart!  Or better yet, from, "NO BABIES!!!!" to "Hubby and I are PLANNING (now THERE'S a novel idea) to have a baby!" 

So--what else has changed?  Read on, my friends, read on. . .

WORK:  Three years ago, I was working for CAP SERVICES Head Start.  Now, I work for  the Parent Resource Center of Taylor County,  Indian Head Community Action Agency, Rasmussen College, and Weight Watchers International.

FAMILY:  Well, I went from no children to two wonderful bonus babies.  I am a proud, proud, proud Step-mamma, and I am trying hard to gracefully balance being a good step- mamma and good wife.  I have found step parenting more challenging than I EVER expected--espeically when the bonus babies' mother lives less than 10 miles from my home.  I am working hard to have a good relationship with the kids' mom and have found the NO ONE'S the BITCH website to be quite helpful.

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