Saturday, May 20, 2006

I feel pretty. . .I feel pretty!!!!!

Today has been a GREAT Saturday so far. I started my morning with a run--and a successful run at that! NO knee pain what so ever. What did the trick? Well--I took out those pesky new insoles that I bought along with my VERY (OVERLY) expensive running shoes!!! Who would have thunk it???

Anyway--I went out for a little breakfast and then got my hair highlighted. I never would have imagined how great I would feel after getting blonde highlights put in. I must have a perma grin or something because people are smiling at me when I approach. . . . .maybe blondes do have some sort of secret power that I didn't know about!!!! I'm only highlighted blonde, but it really lightens my whole head of hair up. I love it. . . .who knows, maybe I'll go COMPLETELY blonde next time!!!! Then to top my morning off, I got a very pretty pedicure and had some lunch at my favorite spot, Gelato Cafe. ;-)

So, yes, I had a completely shallow day. Know what? I loved every minute of it. I relaxed. I felt good about myself when I was done. I booked an appointment next month for a facial and another pedicure.

Ladies--be vain once in awhile. Don't let anyone tell you that you shouldn't. Or that it's silly or that we are conforming to some unrealistic standard. Because you know what? Feeling pretty is pretty and somehow when you feel pretty others can see it and they react to it. So--I feel pretty today, darn it!


Radiofree said...

way to go

I have been up north.

Matthew said...

Nice blog.

Radiofree said... more