Monday, May 29, 2006

My legs are not as thick as yours?!?!!

My legs are not as thick as yours. . . .these are words that a gal DOES NOT, I repeat, does NOT want to hear from her man. There is NEVER a time when that phrase, no matter how innocently it was spoken, sounds good. It will ALWAYS be taken out of context! It's really sort of sad and pathetic because he was trying to show me where a spot on his knee hurts; and instead of feeling bad that his knee hurts all I can think about is the offending comment! I start feeling around on my knee and say, "right here?" and then he reaches over and tries to find the spot on my apparently fat knee. He can't find it and then says, "hmm. . .my legs are not as thick as yours!?!" Anyhoo. . enough about my hangups!

Hope you all had an excellent Memorial Day. Mine was relaxing overall. I put together a shelf so that I could organize my "office" (i.e. back portion of the living room because we can not afford a two bedroom) at little better. I am pretty proud of myself. I'm not much of a handy person but I followed the directions and put this thing together pretty easily. I feel very accomplished!

I also spent a good portion of my holiday weekend looking at handbags on the internet. Yes--I truely have become a girly-girl. I will openly admit, that I have a bit of an obsession with hand bags. I know it is a very materialistic and superficial obsession, but I LOVE them. So. . . . .I spent a lot of time looking at VERY expensive bags that I will probably never buy because I am too damned cheap to spend the money on a really nice bag!!!

Let's see what else happend in my neck of the woods??? Oh--blistering heat. Only in Wisconsin could we have snow a week earlier and then 90 degree weather the next! I swear, WI has multiple personalities!

This week is the last week at family literacy. It is going to be a sad next couple of days. But--this is a good thing for me. I'll be able to add more hours with the new job and hopefully get more cases. I'm up to three right now and I am really enjoying myself. Each child that I work with is so different from the next. I really value my time with each and every one of them. I learn so much from them!

This week also marks the start of a new class. Curriculum and Instruction--this is one of the core classes for my Masters. I think I'll enjoy it. I'll let you know.


Dino said...

You know you could do a program on WNRB about literacy, there has to be some sort of credit for that.

Or posting to the Wausaublog about your interesting work.

Anonymous said...

hey- i was just browsing and ur site came up. very nice i must say its good to read info from someone who knows a lil something about plainfield considering its my home town but right now im away at school. keep up the awesome work

Rachie-Babe said...

Thanks for the kind words!!! Drop by anytime!