Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tuesday Night Book Club and Rachael's Rotten Day

Okay--so have you seen it? There is a new show on CBS called The Tuesday Night Book Club, which is cleverly, on Tuesday nights. I was captivated by this show. Not so much by the women's stories and their relationship issues, but the way that these women all connect.

I had a bit of a revelation. I do not have close women friends like that. Many of my friends are far away or acquaintances from work. Lots of my friends are male but I don't really go out with them. I spend a lot of my time doing things alone, which I will admit, I REALLY like or with David, which, of course, I really like. Watching the show made me feel like I am missing something by not having that commadarie with women.

I mean, poor David! After watching the show I realized how much time he spends listening (or at least doing a very good job appearing to listen) to me talk about: getting my hair done, getting a facial, massage, or manicure, getting a spray tan, shoes, handbags, and other "girlie" stuff in general.

This is part of why I NEED to work on my relationships with my female friends. I truly believe that my relationship with David would be MUCH better if I didn't bog him down with that trivial stuff. Now, don't get me wrong. He has NEVER complained about listening to this. I was more of a tom-boy when we met so he probably appreciates the fact that I have become a bit of a girlie-girl, but I don't really need to give him the play-by-play!

So--I vow to start working on being a better friend to my friends. ;-)



Well, maybe I exaggerated a little. The whole day wasn't aweful. In fact it started out really well. I had a nice chat with some folks at Gellato Cafe about teaching and learning an such. That was a good thing. Picked up some VERY cute shoes on clearance for vacation. That also was a good thing. I got some clarification about work's new travel policy and helped calm an upset therapist. Both very good things.
I got to have lunch inbetween a client's summer school sessions and this is where the bad day begins. I found out (after the fact) that proceedures regarding us being in school were not followed correctly (which I did not know about) and then found out that the client's classroom teacher felt threatened and like I was telling her what to do in class (I was not). The procedure thing was a learning experience--so that made it a good thing. I am now VERY clear on the producer for bringing therpapists into school and collaborating with school.
What I am unclear about, and hope to get clarification tomorrow, is how I made another person feel threated and as though I were critiquing her. After all, aren't well all here to HELP a child? I hope that I am able to talk with the teacher and find out how I made her feel that way. That certainly was NEVER my intent. The strange thing: I never got the notion that she was upset about anything. She was very nice to me to my face and it seemed like a very good meeting.
Any way. . .I behaved so unprofessionally when I spoke with my boss and my boss's boss. I couldn't believe it but I CRIED and got all emotional. It was such a strange reaction to have. I wasn't upset about the policy thing I was upset that I caused a rift in an already tense relationship between this school and our organization. I could have undone months of work done by other seniors to gain school's cooperation thus far. Time will tell, I guess.
Only this could make me laugh today! I will survive alien


Ms. Mamma said...

Oh yes, I too missed out on the Ya Ya Sisterhood, but oh well. I do enjoy being alone as well, and I DO have Snowflake. But please, anytime you want to talk girl talk, I'm listening! Shopping, shoes, handbags, Keens, Macs, iPod accessories...

Radiofree said...

Oh just stop with the girl talk.

I dont know how Rach can threaten anyone

Rachie-Babe said...

Yeah. . I have a hard time beleiving that I am threatening too. . . . . . . ;-)