Sunday, April 01, 2007

This week in Rachael Land. . . . . . .

Well--it's offical. As of TUESDAY, I will have my Master's Degree completed!!!! I am sooo excited! But--this leaves me two new challenges (1) Picking my degree for my PH.D. (what do you all think, psych or social work?), (2) starting to pay off my student loans. Unfortunately, with no raise in sight and gas prices going up day by day (my job requires about 700-1000 miles traveled PER WEEK), I think I may have to start looking for something new.

Self-taught manager.
One of the major faults where I work is the lack of training in the area of management and staff training. These are two skills that I have worked hard to start developing in myself, with my own training, on my own time. Currently I'm reading the following books:

  1. The seven habits of highly effective people
  2. Put first things first
  3. The art of leadership
  4. The seven habits of highly effective people workbook
  5. Don't sweat the small stuff (I'm also reading the one about work and I have the workbook for this one too).

Hedgehog update

I have officially moved up the waiting list! As of tonight, I'm still sitting at number eight on the waiting list. Check out the hedgies at Hedgie Delight (where I'm getting my future hoglet). Here are some links to some EXCELLENT hedgehog info (just in case you wanted to know).

  1. Chins and Quills Forum
  2. International Hedgehog Association
  3. Hedgehog Central


Ms. Mamma said...

R_ that is so great congratulations! Psychology could lead you anywhere, but social work could land you a great gov't or state job with lots of benefits and a pension. But, I'm just a lowly BA who works for her family so don't ask me. Where did you get your Masters? Way to go! I feel very happy for you! And remember, it's fun to stay at (the new) YMCA. ;)

Rachie-Babe said...

:-) Thanks. My Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. It was VERY useful where I was working, but not so much NOW.