Saturday, August 11, 2007


Okay, Wausauites, hop on here and add the free wi-fi spots for the Wausau area! I know where a few are, but I think I might be missing some!!! Anyhoo. . . not too much happening this week. I have had an interesting couple of weeks with the new job, primarily because there is a five-year-0ld in my class that says to me on a daily basis, "**uck you! You're a **itch!!!!!" All the while kicking, spitting, and trying to bite me. This is NOT a child with any type of disability, this is a child in a HORRIBLE home situation. It's so sad. To make things worse, I will ONLY get him for two more weeks so the amount of progress I will be able to make in his behavior will be pretty minimal. It takes about 30 days to change any sort of behavior and this is usually when there is consistency in the process. My heart just breaks for the kids like this. I know that I will see more of them because of the program that I work in, but it STILL breaks my heart.

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