Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Funeral

David and I went to Munny's funeral. It was a good experience because I feel like I now have closure with a friend that I never had the chance to say good bye to, but it was a weird experience also.

Weird because I really down played my connection with Munson and how I felt about his death to David. I shouldn't have done that because he didn't understand why I was upset (after all I hadn't spoken with Munson in ten or eleven years) or why we had to drive so far for a funeral for someone who I hadn't known that long. I guess part of me wanted to save David the stress of me being so upset about someone I had known for (in the whole scheme of things) a relatively short time.

I hadn't known Munson that long. We dated for maybe two or three weeks, but remained close friends for about six or seven months. Then he faded away to another town (Milwaukee I think). I was friends with many folks during that time who have faded out of my life and if we were to meet again, it would be like we never drifted apart. I think this was difficult for David to understand because with David you are either IN his world or NOT in his world and there is no middle ground.

Anyway--life moves on, and now it's time to celebrate life, living, and what's good in the world. That the way that Munny would have wanted it.

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Ms. Mamma said...

Beautiful words, Rachel.