Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 a year in review. . . and what's to come

Wow--2007 has gone by pretty quickly. This has been a year of self-development. I really got into Franklin Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and I also began to adopt the FISH Philosophy near the end of the year. I became the proud mommy of a Hedgehog named Cringer and two Emperor Scorpions named Grimm and Reaper. With two Scorpions around the house, my aversion to bugs has greatly decreased! My two biggest successes were obtaining my Master's Degree and my weight loss. I've also changed jobs, again, over the past year! With all of those changes in mind, here's what I'm working on for 2008.

  • I will reach my weight loss goal
  • I will begin my Ph.D
  • I will further develop and modify my personal mission statement (see below)
Happy New Year, everyone!!!!!!

Personal Mission Statement
(Draft--formed June 25, 2007)

My personal mission statement was formed with the aide of the Mission Statement Builder that can be found on the Franklin Covey website.

I will live each day in gratitude. I will cherish each day. I will explore my every gift and talent. I will develop self-honor, self-love, and a healthier lifestyle. I will make a difference. I will always be supportive of my fellow friends and assist in the endvors they may have. I will be loyal and supportive to my family members so that relationships may last a life time. I will develop a fault-free work environment and allow time for daily visualization. I will talk less and listen more.

My values
Education--I will continue to expand my knowledge.
Love--I will be a caring and attentive partner to David.
Health/Fitness--I will live a healthy lifestyle. I will seek the medical help I need to obtain answers about my knee.
Citizenship--I will be a good citizen by helping others through volunteer work.
Inner Harmony--I will make time to relax.


C said...

Rachie, you are one awesome gal! I'm sure 2008 has great things in store for you! Happy New Year! xo

Rachie-Babe said...

Thanks, C! Happy New Year to you also!!!!!