Saturday, December 05, 2009

One year ago, today. . .well, almost!

So. . .every once in awhile, I do something I like to call, "One Year Ago Today." I checked back in my blog and I didn't have anything specific for December 5, 2008. In fact, I didn't have much of anything for my blog last year. I spent a lot of time writing in my Early Childhood Blog, but not so much here. So my year ago recap is actually for December 15, 2008, and if you're interested, here's a link to December 1 of 2007!

So. . .let's update what I commented just about a year ago:

Dad and his funky blogs: well, he posts sometimes. . . life gets busy for him and he forgets to make time to write. However, there was a feature written about his homestead in Country Side Magazine.

Work: I mentioned that work was going fine. Well, work is doing better than fine. Work is GREAT. I took a promotion as the Special Services Manager. If you want to know what that all entails, I wrote a little about it here.

School: I lamented about the life of a Ph.D student. It is STILL hard and I don't expect it to get easy anytime soon. My social life is suffering severely but I'm okay with that. Besides, my friends all know I'm a big geek anyway. :-)

David: It was about this time last year that David moved into the glass department. He has a bit of mixed feelings about work right now. Mostly feelings of anxiety. Several people were laid off where he works and everyone was moved to the first shift. He fears that there may be a second layoff happening in the future, however a friend claims that this can't happen because of the size of the layoff. I don't know employment law, but I'm pretty sure his friend is full of **it.

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