Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The good, the bad, the ugly

Well, well, it's been awhile and there have been some definite changes (for the better). With facebook and twitter becomming more popoular, I wonder if this blog is dead. I rarely get time to post because I'm too busy tweeting or spending time on facebook--not so sure a blog is really relevent anymore.

So here's the good:

  • I grew a pair and decided to stand up for what I want. I took time to evaluate my personal needs and decided that it was time to, as my dad puts it, "stop being someone's door mat." Specifically, I decided to stop being D's door mat. Over the past 12 years I slowly let parts of me slip away. I worked hard to defend something that did not feel right to me and ended up betraying myself along the way.
  • I reconnected with an old boyfriend and what a time I've had with him! We're seeing an aweful lot of each other and I sure love it. I was awefully bitter about relationships and love for awhile and spent a good many years living almost a lie. It's amazing for me to feel something so real and feels so right. It's been a long time since I have been this happy.
  • I trying lots of new things since my break up with D and I've gotten back into doing things that I used to do but gave up when I was dating D.

And here's the bad:

  • Well, I've lost a few "friends" in the whole break up with D ordeal. It will take time for them to heal, after all, D and I were together for 12 years. This has been about as close to a divorce as an unmarried couple can go through.
  • Khaiya is very sick. The vet is thinking it could be cancer. This could be moving from bad to ugly very soon.

Finally, the ugly:

  • I was booted from a wedding party with out even being told about it! I found out through the bridal store!!!!

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