Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Holey Cow--I'm getting MARRIED!

Okay, well, there's been a few big changes going on. #1: I left D in March, #2: I started dating my high school sweetheart in April, and #3: high school sweetie proposed this month. Yup, you read it right. I am now an ENGAGED woman who is gonna be a bonus mom! I'm super excited, but nervous too!

Sweetie and I have no specific wedding plans yet, but we do know that we want to get married on horseback. Both of us are horse lovers so it seems pretty natural for us. We don't have a date determined, but we do know that we want to wait until his brother and nephew are back from overseas.

I am in awe at how Sweetie could determine that he wanted to marry me in so little time when D told me I was pressuring him when I brought the topic up a year and a half ago. I guess it just shows that when you know it's right, you know it's right. I'm trying hard to concentrate on normal life right now, but I find that I am really thinking a whole lot about my up and coming bonus mom status and what the big day will be like.

I find myself daydreaming about how to involve Sweetie's children, Cutie #1 and Cutie #2, and I'm trying to figure out what my role as bonus momma really will be. I'm thinking of taking some vacation time off of work this month so I can have a few extra special bonding days with Cutie #1 and #2. Any ideas for some fun bonding time?

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