Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dresses and Tears

I've been starting to try on wedding dresses and, wow, what a roller coaster of emotions.  For those of you who are married, did you go through an emotional experience when you tried on dresses?  I tried on a beautiful A-Line strapless number and fell in love with it.  It was in my price range and absolutely gorgeous.  The catch?  Lots of tayloring, which will put the dress out of my price range.  On a positive note, I know what style of dress looks great on me (a-line, strapless) and which styles don't look so hot (just say, "NO" to the mermaid tail  style)!

So I'm in Thelma's Bridal (they have been super helpful, by the way) trying on dresses, see myself in the mirror, and wow, the tears just wouldn't stop!  When I tell Sweetie this, he says to me, "Crying cause you're depressed your're marrying me, huh?!"  What a goof!  The tears, I explained, were because I'm happy and thinking about that moment when he will see me in the dress and we say our vows.  I was thinking about how much I love this man and how much I love his children.  I was thinking about my mom and how she wouldn't be there (in person any way) that day, since she's been passed away since 1999.  At that moment when I saw myself standing there, in that beautiful dress, I was just so overcome with emotion.   Is this a normal experience or am I just a big softie?

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