Monday, May 16, 2011

Mom, Tammy Graumann Ride, and other schmidt.

Well, this is the time of year I really get thinkin about my Mom.  She passed away in 99' from the EVIL "C" (i.e. Cancer) and I've been hell bent ever since to not end up down that same road. . . .which would be where the original desire to start working out and eating 'clean' several years ago came in.  Anyhoo. . .with Mom's day this month. . I get a little teary when I think of the hell I put my mom through during my teenage years.  I was a realtively good kid, but I definitely got into some pretty intense verbal matches with her.   

This time of year also brings the Tammy Graumann Fight the Cancer Ride.  This year was my first year and it was AWESOME.  There is nothing like a bunch of motorcycle lovin' folks driving around to bring awareness to the EVIL C.  We had a great time, despite the weather (cold and rain)!  This was my first year on a motorcycle, let alone on a 100 mile ride.  I-AM-HOOKED.  The horses may finally have some competition.


JA said...

Well done. nothing like a purring motorcycle between your thighs to help fight of the "Evil C"

Anonymous said...

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