Friday, July 22, 2011

One year ago I was engaged to my highschool sweetie. . .

So. . last night hubby and I watched Hot Tub Timemachine.  It was a little weird, yes, but insanely funny.  Made hubby and I think a lot about the "What if's" in life and what we would or would not change if given the opportunity.  There was a line in the movie where someone said something to the effect of, "This girl's not your destiny she's just some girl you dated in high school."  I asked my hubby, "Am I just some girl you dated in high school?"  He slyly coos. . . "No. . . you THE girl I dated in highschool and THEN married!" 

Hubby makes me smile becuase he always seems to know EXACTLY the right thing to say.  He's one of those guys that is such a romantic, yet people who know him think I'm nuts when I say that!  He's a good guy and I'm lucky to have found him again. :-)  

While there are many things in my past that I would not change, mainly because those experiences are what made me the person I am, I would change that I waited so long to get back in touch with Hubby.  I thought about him often as the years flew by and I wish I had acted upon those thoughts earlier.  Perhaps, I was only ready to do so at the exact moment I did though.. . .and that leads me to think, it's probably better for me to stop thinking about all the things I could have done or regretting the choices I've made in the past and just enjoy now. 

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heavy hedonist said...

Hot Tub Time Machine is a surprisingly good movie-- not my usual thing either, but my hubby-man & I enjoyed it thoroughly.