Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby talk round 2. . . .

Hubby and I have had quite a few baby talks over the past few weeks.  We have the great relationship where we talk about every thing. . even if the talk is no fun.  I said to him one day, "I think I'd like to start seeing a shrink."  He said. . "Well, if you think you need to, but I would like to think you can share anything with me. . ."  I told him, "You might regret saying that."  I thought he would get sick of our "non-psychologist-psychologist talks" (which is my term for a talk that I would have with the shrink, if I had one), but he is great.  He gives me insight and we talk about why I might be feeling a certain way about something.  . . . such as the baby topic. 

For those of you who know REALLY well, you know that my catch phrase for many years was "no babies!!!!"  Then hubby and cutie #1 and #2 come along and as time progresses my catch phrase has become. . "maybe babies?!"  The more H and I talk about this, the more I think he's on board with the idea that maybe some day we'll have our own together.  Then. . .this week, he smiled at me and chuckled.  I asked what he was chuckling at and he would not tell me until a few days later. 

We were having a conversation about babies and why my "no babies" has gone from "mabie babies" to "I think I wanna be more than a step-mamma."  He told me that he was chuckling because when we were talking the other night he actually thought about me as a mamma.  He thought about what a little one of our own might look like and it made him smile.  

While I know that right now is NOT the time to think about bringing a cutie #3 into the world, I know that H will be okay when the time happens.  This was unbelievable comforting to me.  He said, "I know you will make a great Mamma" and I just about burst into tears. 

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