Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Baby Journey

So. . . I got news, among all this sadness, that H is thinking about a baby for us.  Here's a little TMI for you all:  I was on Depo-Provera for almost 12 years and then, because my ex was very explicit about his desire to not have children, I almost got my tubes tied.  At the last minute, I could not go through with it--after going through several hoops to prove that a woman under 30, with no children, was a good candidate.  After all those years, I thought I had convinced myself that I did not want children. . only to find out my brain was telling me otherwise.  Instead I opted for Mirena IUD, which is a semi-perminent option.  My body will be expected to return to normal after 12 mos from Mirena removal.  We can technically begin "trying" to conceive after three mos from removal.    I will admit, I am a little worried that after 12 years of depo and then three years of Mirena, that I will not be able to become pregnant.   Time will tell. . . . and soon the adventure will begin.

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