Friday, October 28, 2011

One of THOSE Mammas. . . .

I already know I am going to be one of THOSE mammas. . . .what do I mean by that?  I mean one of those Mammas who knows more than she should about how young children develop and learn.  I already have all of these notions about what is and is not appropriate because of my education and line of work.  This is a good thing in some ways.  I know I will be VERY prepared for pregnancy and caring for a child of my own.  Of course, knowing and doing are two very different things. . . .  It's a bad thing because I will become one of those Mammas who are a little too concerned about doing EVERY THING right. 

I know I need to let go of this right now.  I will not do everything right.  There will be lots of learning happening and I will likely make many, many child rearing mistakes.  No one is perfect and, as the hubby says, "perfection is BORING. . ."  Too bad my husband married a "type a" sort of gal who tends to try and over acheive on just about everything. . . LOL. 

Are any of you one of THOSE Mammas?  If so, were you always that way?

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