Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ride number 2

Some of you may remember wedding gift from Hubby,  Cutie #1, and Cutie #2, Legend.  Although still a stud, he's an absolute doll. We're planning to geld him in the spring, for we know that a kind, gentle Stud is always a kinder, gentler Gelding!  He loads into the trailer like a dream, stands nicely for the ferrier, allows Cutie #2 (who is 5) to handle his hooves and lead him around, tacks up calmly, lounges, and has had around four folks on his back.   He's had ride number 1 (very brief with a very light person) and now we're gearing up for ride number two.  Hubby and I don't know a whole lot about him (he was a rescued by a gal from a horse hourder who then sold him to Hubby), but we do have a pedigree for him.  He's not even two yet, so our training sessions are brief and (hopefully) fun for him. 

We intend to keep Legend forever (as cheesy as that sounds), so our goal is for him to be gentle enough for our grandchildren to enjoy (when the day comes that we have them!).  I fell in love with him when I saw his pictures on the sale forum, hubby and kids picked him up for me, and he will always be part of our family.   Although I enjoy a good ride as much as the next horse lover, I get the most enjoyment out of working with the young horses and getting on their back for that first ride. 

This training experience has been a wonderful for Cutie #1 to learn some proper horse handling and riding techniques.  We read excerpts from some of my favorite trainers' (Cherry Hill, Ray Hunt, and Tom Dorrance) books and will talk about what each author means in his or her writing. 

Now, as Hubby and I think about bringing a Cutie #3 into our family, I am scouring the internet for all things Pregnancy related--including the best equestrian theme maternity clothes.  So far, I've found NOTHING!  Help me out here, horse lovers!  There's got to be something. . . .

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