Monday, November 28, 2011

A little perspective

Life is all about perspective, isn't it?  I mean from Hubby's perspective, I'm a pretty darn great step mama to his children and a super wife!  He says I'm so super that he has surprised himself in the decision that he'd like to PLAN a child with me.  The bonus babies might have a different perspective about me and so might their mother.    When it comes down to it--I cannot control how any of them feel about me, nor can I control how anyone else feels about me.  What I CAN control is my reaction to others.   I MUST learn to get a grasp on my own emotions because when I allow my happiness to be determined by others, I am giving up my own control.  There is no one person who has made this more evident to me than Dr. Becky Bailey.  I've read of her work, particularly when I was a Head Start teacher.  However; now, more than ever, I find her work meaningful.  I think of what I've learned over the years as I look at myself as a Step Parent, Wife, and supervisor, and can see that knowing and doing are two very different things. 

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