Monday, December 19, 2011

The first disappointment

It has been almost a month since I've had my Mirena removed.  The removal was relatively painless, however, I did have some pretty severe mood swings that first week it was out.  I'm not sure if that is typical or not, but, wow, I was a bear.  Hubby was a trooper though.  He went to appointment with me for removal and was good through the moodswings! 

Anyway. . .on Sunday, I had an incident where I dropped a very heavy ramp on my foot and had to go to the hospital to see if it was broken or not.  When I was asked at the x-ray station if I could be pregnant, I stated I wasn't sure and explained why. 

At any rate, I was wisked away for a preganancy test before my x-rays.   Hubby and I were pretty certain it wasn't likely to be positive--after all, it wasn't even quite a month yet.  But.  . .one never knows!  We were a little disappointed to learn that I was not pregnant.  No worries--my doc says that it can take up to a year for my body to get back to normal. . . so we'll see what happens. . .

In the mean time. . . . I've started looking for baby supplies that are not genderspecific (like slings and such).

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