Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 in review. . .

As I say good-bye (and good riddens) to 2011, I'd like to recap what I did for the past year.  In case you're interested. . I tend to a do a post like this every year.  Here are my posts from 2007, 2008, and 2010.  I guess I didn't have much to review in 2006 or 2009, since I didn't post one then!    So here we go. . the top 10 things that happened in 2011.

10.  There were WAY too many funerals to count this year.  The most prominent funeral I had to attend was the death of my brother-in-law.  Christmas with out him was hard for my family.
9.  Hubby and I started a trucking company, Loucks Trucking LLC.  It has been a new, and interesting, world being a business own and the wife of a truck driver.  I will not pretend it has been easy.  Not having my husband at home has really taken some getting used to!
8. As part of the Loucks Trucking LLC adventure, Hubby and I went on a trip to Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.  We picked up our 40 ft. flatbed trailer, enjoyed a little bit of vacation, and brought our first load home: Four Cadillacs of the same year, to be used in a demo derby.  We were asked, repeatedly, if we were planning on restoring them.
7.  We had some horses come and go.  We sent "Tinker the Stinker" off to the auction.  Sadly, she only brought in 45.00.  The horse market is not good right now.  It is a GREAT time to buy some wonderful horses for very little, but it is a bad time to try and make any money!  We also returned Shilo to my Dad's place and ended up being gifted a very old mare named Meg.  Meg has been a great addition to our family. . . however, our feed costs are astronomical!  
6.  I have settled into my role as Bonus Mamma.  Every day gets easier.  Some days are tougher than others. 
5.  I have added Weight Watchers Leader to my list of part time jobs!
4.  I wrote my first large-scale grant.  I didn't receive it and I was very disappointed, but I learned a lot.
3.  Hubby and I made it through our first year of marriage.  There were some who said that we should not have married so quickly.  Some who think I cheated on D.  Some who really wanted to bash the man I married.  They have all been wrong.
2.  I dropped a very large trailer ramp on my foot and was taken to the hospital, for the first time ever, for a suspected broken foot.
1.  The most exciting news of 2011 is that Hubby and I have decided that we've like to have a child of our own. 

What will 2012 bring?  I'm not sure, but I do know that I am thankful for each day I get to spend with my family.  I am thankful for the friends I've made in 2011 and the friendships I've nurtured. 

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