Monday, February 06, 2012

Supervised Visitation

Part of my role at work is to be a part of court-ordered Supervised Visitation.  While, I enjoy the work I do, this part of my job is maddening.  It's painful and uncomfortable.  It's not really any fun for anyone involved because no matter what, one party is unhappy.   I find it very challenging because my role is to be neutral.  My role is to look out for the child and both parties always seem quiet desperate to show me that THEY are in the best interst of what will happen with the child.  Some days, like today, working with both parties just makes my head want to pop right off.


Mrs White said...

Your job sounds extremely difficult at times. I can only imagine how you feel with different cases.

Mrs White

Anonymous said...

How are you doing now with lyme disease? I follow your blog. Good luck with everything!

Rachie-Babe said...

Mrs. White:
My job is difficult sometimes! There are days that I really wonder what I got myself into and there are others where I fell so happy to know I'm helping someone!

I'm doing quite well. I have not had any really issues in about three years. Are you someone dealing with Lyme?