Monday, July 17, 2006

In other news. . . .

On a blanket from Taiwan
not to be used as protection from a tornado

On a helmet-mounted mirror used by us cyclists
remember objects in the mirror are actually behind you

On a Taiwanese shampoo
use repeatedly for severe damage

On the bottle-top of a flavoured milk drink in Britain
after opening keep upright

On a New Zealand insect spray
this product not tested on animals

On a bag of crisps
you could be a winner no purchase necessary details inside

On a Korean kitchen knife
warning keep out of children

On a string of Chinese-made christmas lights
for indoor or outdoor use only

On a Japanese food processor
not to be used for the other use

On Sainsbury's peanuts
warning - contains nuts

On a Swedish chainsaw
do not attempt to stop chain with your hands or genitals

On a Superman costume
wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly

On a hotel shower cap box
fits one head

In US guide to setting up a new computer
avoid condensation forming allow boxes warm up to room temperature before opening (the instruction was inside the box

On a Japanese product used to relieve painful hemorrhoids
lie down on bed and insert slowly up to the projected portion like a sword-guard into anal duct while inserting poscool for approximately 5 minutes keep quiet

In some countries, on the bottom of Coke bottles
open other end

On a packet of Sunmaid raisins
why not try tossing over your favourite breakfast cereal

On a Sears hairdryer
do not use while sleeping

On a bar of Dial soap
directions - use like regular soap

On Tesco's tiramisu dessert (printed on bottom of the box)
do not turn upside down

On Marks & Spencer bread pudding
product will be hot after heating

On a packet of airline nuts
instructions open packet eat nuts

On some frozen dinners
serving suggestion defrost

On packaging for an iron
do not iron clothes on body

On a packet of frozen bread pudding
product will be hot after heating

On Boot's children's cough medicine
do not drive car or operate machinery

On nightly sleep aid
warning may cause drowsiness

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