Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kids say the darnedest things!!!

Oh my, I got a BIG chuckle today! I was surfing some blogs between clients and I came across Troll-baby. Take a peek at this post! Very funny! I can't believe the things that come out of kid's mouths sometimes!

And another thing!

If you have not peeked at this blog, do it! Not only is it insightful, but pretty humorous too. Makes me think that it's about time for me to stop blogging about the neat-o things that I find to read and start blogging about something else. It seems like when I write about something controversial, the readers flock in. When I write about the daily, boring, better life stuff, not so much happens. So, what is a blogger to do? Where do I find my niche in the blogosphere? Do I rant about my life? Nah. I'm not really much of a ranter. Besides--I have a lot to be thankful for. Do I rant about work? Nah. I'm leaving my current job and moving into something else. Anyway, I really like my job as a whole. Do I follow suit and blog about postcards? Nope. That would be copyright infringement, I would guess. There are blogs about lists so that one is out for me too. I can't blog about art. I'm not so artistic. Life? Well, I'm pretty young, so not much to say! Really! Who wants to hear about my life when you can read about this guy's! So--I'm putting it to you, my dear readers! What should I write about next?


Pie said...


My Letter of The Day is a fantastic blog, her other main blog (she has four) is Studio Twenty Three which is also well worth a read.

I guess it takes a while to find what you really enjoy writing. But the most important thing is that it is you that enjoys it, otherwise it just becomes a job.

AL said...

Hei! Thanks for visiting my blog. I visitied Troll-baby's blog and it was really funny.
:) I'll continue reading the rest I have missed...

Lee said...

Hey Rachie-babe...thanks for comin over and thanks for enjoying.

My advice is to write about whatever you want regardless of the response. I started Studio23 as a virtual scrapbook cuz I wanted a place to keep some yellowing comics and a place to post my art...and now, well now, I've got 4 blogs and never leave my room. Sigh.

The comments have become a large part of my blogging, but I'd spew either way I think.

Lovely to meet you!

Rachie-Babe said...

Pie--Thanks for stopping by! I'll have to check out the studio twenty three block too!

Al--Thank you for stopping by!!!! I enjoyed your blog so I know that I'll be back to read more!

Lee--Thank you so much stopping by and offering some words of wisdom! I started out my blog as a way to fill my family into what I was up too. . . . now I feel as though I'd like it to be more!