Thursday, December 16, 2010

Almost that time of year. . .again!

First off, I'm pretty excited that this meager little rambling spot of mine is up to 11 followers.  Not a lot, true, but it's more than the three I had last year!  ;-)

It's about that time when I do my "one year ago today" blog. . . and wow, what a year I've had.  Here's what I was thinking about around this time last year.  I  can safely say that I was in a completely different spot then, than I am now.  Wow.  2007 was a whole other ball of wax too.

Anyhoo--here's my year in review for 2010!
10.  I left D after 12 years together.  It was just plain time for me to move on.
09.  I moved back to the area  I grew up in.
08.  I got horses again! 
07.  I'm still working on the Ph.D, although I will admit, I am not nearly as motivated as I should be when it comes to getting my school work done.
06. I started dating, got engaged, and married my old high school beau.  Trust me, if you had asked me around this time last year if I thought that was going to happen, I would have told you that I  thought you should go pee up a rope!
05.  I am a proud, proud, proud step mamma. Again, not something I EVER thought I would come out of my mouth.  Let me clarify, I always knew if I ever became ANY sort of a mamma, I would be proud.  I'm of that sort that feels that parenting is the most important job someone can have.  I just didn't think that I would EVER be doing ANY sort of parenting. . . . EVER
04.  I no longer work for Head Start.
03.  I started teaching some online Early Childhood Courses
02.  Did I mention I got MARRIED?????
01.  I feel as though I am finally where I am supposed to be. :-)


Jess Gray said...

Life is amazing isnt it..Full of things never expected! I look forward to an update!

Anonymous said...

You sound really happy. It's inspirational.Everything will continue this way and more good things to come. Congratulations.